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Batman baby/toddler blanket

Ian started daycare this Monday. The first 2 days was tough, barely napped. But today he did very well, napped for a long time, played with other babies and started to smile at the care takers. It’s just a matter of time he get love notes from baby girls lol.

Anyhow, as first time parents we didn’t know what supplies to bring for daycare so I brought two of everything. Good thing I did what I did, he puked onto his blankie and it needs to be cleaned. There’s another fluffy blanket that he sleep with at home, which he recently started to show interest in and really like to grab it when in bed.  So to make him the coolest baby at daycare, I went ahead and sew together a batman blankie. It’s flannel top so it’s soft, cuddle soft Minky back. And last but not least, a custom made name tag so it will not get “lost” or sent home to the wrong kid… Hopefully not. He already goes to daycare win a tartis diaper bag…looks like mom is really setting him up! 


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