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Avengers assemble!

My new addiction out of many others has been sewing cloth menstrual pads. I have sewn many and still not enough for my cycle without washing… So I’m going to “just keep sewing, just keep sewing!”.  I have made an avenger baby blanket for a friend, with the left over fabric, I made some menstrual pads using rocket bottom patterns. These are good for regular flow days. Avengers assemble!  

The green Minky one is the only Minky top I have made , still got to try it out myself.  I must say I’m getting better and better at this. 🙂 I have also created some tags for my etsy store. The avengers are going to hit etsy soon.  What do you all think about reusable menstrual pads? Would you give it a try?? 

3 thoughts on “Avengers assemble!”

  1. I love using cloth pads! None of mine are made with minky, though – I’m wondering if they’d get too warm?? I love how that fabric feels, so I definitely should try them out sometime! 🙂

    1. I am trying the Minky top one today. I live in Miami and it’s warm here but I don’t feel that it is extra warm. It’s so soft and comfy! But today is my light day so idk how it’s going to handle heavier days but for now it’s just really comfy and soft! Do you make your own pad? If not and if you are interested, maybe I can make you one? 🙂

      1. That’s great! It’s such a dreamy fabric. 🙂 I’ve made some pads and bought some (on Etsy). If I decide to try minky ones, I’ll definitely let you know! Thank you!!

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