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New pad shape and second try on breast pad

I have drawn up a new pad shape and is trying this out so my pad swap partner. I am also making several of this for my friend’s moon box that I have been putting together. I like it, easier to sew and faster.  

   Now the breast pad is a different story… My sewing machine was giving me bad attitude when I was using the overlock stitch to fake serge the edge. I don’t know about giving this to my friend as a gift:/ not cool. 

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First Valentine after baby

Due to the lack of babysitter today 2-14-2016, we are not doing anything special. The only thing I managed to do was to make a nice meal for lunch. Between my very demanding teething son and all the things we do on weekend, it is impossible to plan anything. At least I did make an effort to do so. Here I give you garlic Rosemary rack of lamb with garlic Rosemary roasted potatoes and roasted asparagus and mushroom in balsamic glaze.

No reservation needed. Oh and here’s a pic of Valentine’s Day card my son (11 months old art work made with the help of ladies at daycare)


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From bibs to hairdo what doesn’t mom do?

Real quick, I got baby clippers and gave baby Ian a haircut. First haircut done by me with clipper…. And I think it looks pretty good. I call it the diychick hairdo. 

Thanks to the 58″ tv , Apple TV and the many kids video available for kids on YouTube. Today Ian is 10 months and 2 days old. Time flies and mommy loves you always and forever. 

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This mommy has been busy when baby is sleeping! These took me 3 days (about 1-2 hours per night) to make. I’m slow and I’m also using the same fabrics for something else so besides drawing a bib pattern on the fabric I’m also drawing another pattern at the same time. Anyhow, these are done. I may take couple well made ones to a baby shower this coming Saturday as a gift. The rest is for my baby. I should have made more to put on my etsy store but the sales of bib hasn’t been great. If anyone really want it, they can send in a custom request for now as fabric choices are listed on my Facebook page (TheDIYchick). 

Now a sneak peek on my next project. Which involves the following fabrics

  Can’t wait to get started already!

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It’s tag crazy 

First sewing project of 2016 was a rather impulse one. I just wanted to make something for my precious son and thought I’ll just make this tag blanket thing I saw online couple months ago. Took a bit of time to cut out the ribbons but I think he will like it. I also didn’t do s very good job making sure the tags are straight but I don’t think he cares…. Love my little monkey so much I hope he likes it! (Monkey is zzzz now, we will find out tomorrow if he like it). 


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Batman baby/toddler blanket

Ian started daycare this Monday. The first 2 days was tough, barely napped. But today he did very well, napped for a long time, played with other babies and started to smile at the care takers. It’s just a matter of time he get love notes from baby girls lol.

Anyhow, as first time parents we didn’t know what supplies to bring for daycare so I brought two of everything. Good thing I did what I did, he puked onto his blankie and it needs to be cleaned. There’s another fluffy blanket that he sleep with at home, which he recently started to show interest in and really like to grab it when in bed.  So to make him the coolest baby at daycare, I went ahead and sew together a batman blankie. It’s flannel top so it’s soft, cuddle soft Minky back. And last but not least, a custom made name tag so it will not get “lost” or sent home to the wrong kid… Hopefully not. He already goes to daycare win a tartis diaper bag…looks like mom is really setting him up! 


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TheDIYchick etsy store

Finally I have put my thoughts into actions and started listing items on my etsy store for sale. Since sewing is really a hobbie, not my full time job. I am adding finished items as they are made. I’m also going to enable the custom order option just to see if people would send in request. 

I also recently added some new fabrics in my inventory – flannel, cotton, Minky. These are just so adorable I cannot wait to work on them.  

If you are reading this blog, swing by my etsy store and check things out! I have just listed a new bibdana and burp cloth set on there too. It’s so cute I made two! And patterns already drawn on more fabric for more stuff to come! Cloth pads, bibs, burp cloths and more! Here’s a pic of my newly finished item. Love it !  

Link to etsy store as follows

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Yoda bibs and pads

Worked on couple of things using yoda flannel fabric, Minky, zorb, micro fleece and kamsnaps. I must say I’m leveling up

Burp cloth and bandana bib, it’s a set!  One can now drool and puke on yoda! 

Yoda cloth menstral pad and liner. Pad is for moderate flow. Core: 2 layer of flannel sandwiching 1 layer of zorb. Top layer is flannel,  hidden PUL for added leak protection, micro fleece backing. It is mighty soft too! 

Interested? Feel free to contact me here 

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Bandana bibs

Well here are some bibs I made over the weekend. Honestly I want to wear it lol only if I’m a baby or a toddler. They are just so soft! 




I know … My precious is the perfect model for all my finished products. Now only if I can make more and make them faster!! They will be on my etsy store very soon! If you are reading this site and you would like to purchase one, please do contact me! Just throwing it out there! 

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DIY bandana bib

So I have ordered some cute bandana bib for Ian and he just look so dang cute in it.  I know it’s a bib but as a bandana he looks like a baby pirate to me. Super cute. And these bib looks real simple, they don’t even have a snap or Velcro on the back! I had to tide a knot.

Since I had my sewing machine out, I think to myself, I can make it and I can see ones that feel more solid with a Velcro on. Looked up a tutorial on how to make it, downloaded a pattern. And … It’s done. Using flannel fabric I had on hand. Baby is sleeping at the moment so I had to put it on the teddy bear for display purpose. I tell myself. Not bad… Not bad