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My new design

I want to show off my new design here but it’s really a Rumpbox pad design by TheDIYchick. These are 10″ pads and I will be making some 12-13 inches, Slidell wider ones for overnight use. They are so cute and remind me of little angel pads lol 


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New pad shape and second try on breast pad

I have drawn up a new pad shape and is trying this out so my pad swap partner. I am also making several of this for my friend’s moon box that I have been putting together. I like it, easier to sew and faster.  

   Now the breast pad is a different story… My sewing machine was giving me bad attitude when I was using the overlock stitch to fake serge the edge. I don’t know about giving this to my friend as a gift:/ not cool. 

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More sewing…

Wonder what I have been up to? Well more sewing. More pad making cause I’m addicted and I mean making my own pattern testing it out or just for fun. And, buying more and more fabric! I need to stop!! I recently figured out the correct foot and the stitch in my sewing machine to do overlock stitch. I feel golden….there are some projects that you just need to have the Serged look, say cloth wipes or heart shape breast pad like bamboobies. So I made my own version of bamboobies, with flannel top for decoration and cotton velour for the soft touch to skin. Not that I need breast pad anymore since I dried up after being sick with a cold for a month. But maybe u can get better at this and list it on etsy 🙂 

Here are pics of my adventurous pads and they are quite difficult to turn. My fingers cramped up and I did tear the fabric a little bit.  Be my judge and tell me what you think??



Valentine prints cloth pads giveaway!

I am hosting a giveaway of RUMPS in valentine prints!  Yes the ones that I made in the previous blog post! Rumpbox Valentine pads! How to participate?  Join my facebook group at

Comment on the pinned post within the stated timeframe with a pic of your favorite pad  Yes you can post any pad it doesnt need to be ones that I made! GO GO GO!

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Rumpbox sneak peek – sew Valentine 

A sneak peek on some Valentine themed pads that I have been working on. Check out the sister blog for any and all cloth pad related sewing projects. I need your support!

  These are finally done!  They are now available on Etsy, facebook/rumpbox and Rumpbox close group on facebook.  To check them on on Etsy, Click on this link


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This mommy has been busy when baby is sleeping! These took me 3 days (about 1-2 hours per night) to make. I’m slow and I’m also using the same fabrics for something else so besides drawing a bib pattern on the fabric I’m also drawing another pattern at the same time. Anyhow, these are done. I may take couple well made ones to a baby shower this coming Saturday as a gift. The rest is for my baby. I should have made more to put on my etsy store but the sales of bib hasn’t been great. If anyone really want it, they can send in a custom request for now as fabric choices are listed on my Facebook page (TheDIYchick). 

Now a sneak peek on my next project. Which involves the following fabrics

  Can’t wait to get started already!

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DIY coasters 

Here I am sewing again. Since I’ve got lots of fabrics… Spent lots of mula on fabrics that I think for Christmas I’m going to make something with my fabrics as gifts. So I made lots of coasters. Took me a while to cut up the squares but it’s done (it’s difficult to find time to do anything when you have a baby….). These are not finished, they still need to be iron, closed (the turning hole) and top stitched. Some are quite uneven in size because well, I messed up. But these fabrics are what I got for cloth pads, baby blankets, bibs and burp cloths making. All put to good use.

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Avengers assemble!

My new addiction out of many others has been sewing cloth menstrual pads. I have sewn many and still not enough for my cycle without washing… So I’m going to “just keep sewing, just keep sewing!”.  I have made an avenger baby blanket for a friend, with the left over fabric, I made some menstrual pads using rocket bottom patterns. These are good for regular flow days. Avengers assemble!  

The green Minky one is the only Minky top I have made , still got to try it out myself.  I must say I’m getting better and better at this. 🙂 I have also created some tags for my etsy store. The avengers are going to hit etsy soon.  What do you all think about reusable menstrual pads? Would you give it a try?? 

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Batman baby/toddler blanket

Ian started daycare this Monday. The first 2 days was tough, barely napped. But today he did very well, napped for a long time, played with other babies and started to smile at the care takers. It’s just a matter of time he get love notes from baby girls lol.

Anyhow, as first time parents we didn’t know what supplies to bring for daycare so I brought two of everything. Good thing I did what I did, he puked onto his blankie and it needs to be cleaned. There’s another fluffy blanket that he sleep with at home, which he recently started to show interest in and really like to grab it when in bed.  So to make him the coolest baby at daycare, I went ahead and sew together a batman blankie. It’s flannel top so it’s soft, cuddle soft Minky back. And last but not least, a custom made name tag so it will not get “lost” or sent home to the wrong kid… Hopefully not. He already goes to daycare win a tartis diaper bag…looks like mom is really setting him up! 


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What does the fox say??

I have been obsessed with fox print fabric…. As well as owl, hedgehog, kitty, monkey, etc etc. they are just so adorable and many options available in flannel- my favorite fabric. Not only did I made two bib and burp cloth sets with the fox fabric j got from I have made 3 cloth pads. All moderate flow.  I am so proud of these babies. They are so soft and adorable.  Will definitely make “those days” brighter. – I hope. 

Aren’t they just adorable?? And for some reason, every time I look at them, the song “what does the fox say!?” By the Ylvis brothers starts playing in my head. I know I know … My sense of humor is quite interesting lol. 

They will be listed on my etsy store soon. If you are interested, let me know!