Pencil sketch

Many years ago when I was about 13, I started playing around with charcoal sketches. I did several portraits of celebrity photos that I found on magazine. When my art class at school required me to turn in an art project of my choice, I turned in a charcoal drawing of streets and buildings. That didn’t went well, I was given a D and the reason given by my art teacher back then was that it’s black and white, therefore it’s no art, the charcoal also made her hands dirty. Therefore D was the grade I deserved. Pretty discouraging. Due to continuous criticism by teachers on all my art homework, I pretty much accepted the fact that I have zero creativity. Until last year I picked up sewing as a hobby. Sewing is art, and so is cooking. My childhood friend who had the same experience with mean art teacher also recently picked up acrylic painting for fun. Her art work to me was awesome and I was surprised that she was also criticized on her artwork when she was little  It was her who got me thinking, maybe I will give it a try again. There’s no one who will give me a grade on my art work now. Why not! I ordered some acrylic paint, brushes, canvas from Amazon and I’m really excited to get started on painting stuff.

Then today during lunch break, I found myself drawing stuff on a note book. I then pulled up a photograph taken by my dad of the flower that I bought for mom for Mother’s Day. Let’s see if I can still use pencil to sketch.

I think I can still do it! Guess what I went ahead and ordered sketch pad and some color pencils too! Woohoo! So excited!