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I can be a hippie

A believe that there’s a nerdy hippie inside of me. Sometimes life itself get me so busy that I forgot about myself, less and less me time and then no more me time. Lately I have been getting back into my diy projects with sewing. I have attempted soap making sometime last year but I guess I’m not that great in it. At one point I had an assortment of herbs and edibles in my garden. I missed that greatly. Perhaps now my son starts walking and with the help of my parents I can give myself a break here and there on some gardening and visit that inner hippie self here and there. 

So what have I gotten myself into lately? Yes I have joined the no poo movement. No poo means not using commercial shampoo to wash your hair. And to seek more natural ways to get your hair cleaned. There are different and many hair rinse recipes out there as well as homemade soaps available thru small home base businesses and recipes available online. Since I have not been great with soap making and my hair is important… I have turned to purchasing shampoo bars thru etsy. I have also received some shampoo bars and a face wash bar thru a trade with my friend who is the owner of Bodhi’s garden delight, a local home base soap maker. Her soaps smell awesome and definitely hippie. Here are pics of the shampoo bars from Bodhi’s garden delight.  They are all handmade by my dear friend and only with the best quality oils and herbs.

My favorite is the clay cleansing bar for face because it left my face super smooth! Last night I tried the Laximi shampoo/body bar. It smells delicious and very refreshing. It lathered up nicely and my hair felt very clean after. I did use a diluted apple cider rinse as recommended by several bloggers to remove built up and to detangle my hair. And after rinsing out my hair is shiny and soft and does not smell like salad dressing. All in all it’s great, I also used couple drops of rosemary hair oil as leave in moisturizer. By not blow drying my hair gets more volume and my natural wavy hair is back. I’m not too fond of the look but I think I’ll get used to it. I can always sleep with my hair in a sock bun and wake up with soft curls.