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This mommy has been busy when baby is sleeping! These took me 3 days (about 1-2 hours per night) to make. I’m slow and I’m also using the same fabrics for something else so besides drawing a bib pattern on the fabric I’m also drawing another pattern at the same time. Anyhow, these are done. I may take couple well made ones to a baby shower this coming Saturday as a gift. The rest is for my baby. I should have made more to put on my etsy store but the sales of bib hasn’t been great. If anyone really want it, they can send in a custom request for now as fabric choices are listed on my Facebook page (TheDIYchick). 

Now a sneak peek on my next project. Which involves the following fabrics

  Can’t wait to get started already!

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It’s tag crazy 

First sewing project of 2016 was a rather impulse one. I just wanted to make something for my precious son and thought I’ll just make this tag blanket thing I saw online couple months ago. Took a bit of time to cut out the ribbons but I think he will like it. I also didn’t do s very good job making sure the tags are straight but I don’t think he cares…. Love my little monkey so much I hope he likes it! (Monkey is zzzz now, we will find out tomorrow if he like it). 


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My first custom order request and postpartum cloth pads

I’m happy and excited to say that I have received and finished my very first custom order for cloth pad by TheDIYchick. Although I did not get this request thru etsy – probably has to promote it a lot more- I have gained one local customer. That is right, she is one lovely mother to be and is close enough we can arrange a pickup! 

I have put in 2 layers of diamond zorb, 2 layers of diaper flannel for core. The tops are luxurious cotton velour (a real pain fabric to sew since it is stretchy!!) and back with cotton fabrics (the pretty side you see in the pic). I am not sure how many people who make cloth pad actually hand stitch the turning hole with invisible stitches but I did. Because that gap that appears even after you turn and top stitch just bothers me.  Turning these are not easy either since the core is quite thick but they turned out good. Anyhow one last thing to add which are the snaps (red or black) and they are ready! Now back to sewing my secret projects 🙂 once they are done you will all see it on my blog as well as etsy and Facebook. 

For now enjoy the following beauties. I must say, it does reminds me of my postpartum period… Feeling like a zombie walker and craving sushi all the time lol. 



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Star war themed cloth pad. Have a nerdy period! 

Even though it’s the holidays, with all the craziness going on and a sick baby (been sick for a month now… And so have I :() the only time -me time- is when my prince is sleeping and before I pass out for the night. I manage to squeeze in some time to sew. It truly relaxed me and makes me feel good that I am getting better and better at sewing. I have made nerdy pads. Seriously. Who doesn’t want a nerdy period! I have made many for myself and I cannot seem to stop. So I am sharing these pads with fellow pad lovers. I did spend a lot of time and love on these and I use good quality materials. Materials only I would use for myself. I have listed these on etsy and do have materials to make more! There are always More to come! If you are interested in these, check out my etsy store

Or message me here! 


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Avengers assemble!

My new addiction out of many others has been sewing cloth menstrual pads. I have sewn many and still not enough for my cycle without washing… So I’m going to “just keep sewing, just keep sewing!”.  I have made an avenger baby blanket for a friend, with the left over fabric, I made some menstrual pads using rocket bottom patterns. These are good for regular flow days. Avengers assemble!  

The green Minky one is the only Minky top I have made , still got to try it out myself.  I must say I’m getting better and better at this. 🙂 I have also created some tags for my etsy store. The avengers are going to hit etsy soon.  What do you all think about reusable menstrual pads? Would you give it a try?? 

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TheDIYchick etsy store

Finally I have put my thoughts into actions and started listing items on my etsy store for sale. Since sewing is really a hobbie, not my full time job. I am adding finished items as they are made. I’m also going to enable the custom order option just to see if people would send in request. 

I also recently added some new fabrics in my inventory – flannel, cotton, Minky. These are just so adorable I cannot wait to work on them.  

If you are reading this blog, swing by my etsy store and check things out! I have just listed a new bibdana and burp cloth set on there too. It’s so cute I made two! And patterns already drawn on more fabric for more stuff to come! Cloth pads, bibs, burp cloths and more! Here’s a pic of my newly finished item. Love it !  

Link to etsy store as follows

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Bandana bibs

Well here are some bibs I made over the weekend. Honestly I want to wear it lol only if I’m a baby or a toddler. They are just so soft! 




I know … My precious is the perfect model for all my finished products. Now only if I can make more and make them faster!! They will be on my etsy store very soon! If you are reading this site and you would like to purchase one, please do contact me! Just throwing it out there! 

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DIY bandana bib

So I have ordered some cute bandana bib for Ian and he just look so dang cute in it.  I know it’s a bib but as a bandana he looks like a baby pirate to me. Super cute. And these bib looks real simple, they don’t even have a snap or Velcro on the back! I had to tide a knot.

Since I had my sewing machine out, I think to myself, I can make it and I can see ones that feel more solid with a Velcro on. Looked up a tutorial on how to make it, downloaded a pattern. And … It’s done. Using flannel fabric I had on hand. Baby is sleeping at the moment so I had to put it on the teddy bear for display purpose. I tell myself. Not bad… Not bad


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New Sewing Project – Cloth Menstrual Pads

So, after 8 months of giving birth and adjusting to not having much ME time for anything.. I can finally get back to somewhat of a schedule.. Sleep is still not that great but my body adjusted to less sleep or more segmented sleep… I finally was able to get back into sewing.. Sewing machine was already packed, fabrics in bins.. But I dig out the machine and some fabric and i started off sewing fitted crib sheets for my precious son.. he will be going to daycare and I want to make him something nice, like a fitted crib sheet and blankie set from mama dear.  Anyhow, while i was looking into make more baby items or possibly using some real cute flannel fabrics that I already have and turn it into something nice and sell it on etsy.. I came across some real cool looking cloth menstrual pads. So I downloaded few patterns, used the fabrics I already have on hand and made myself couple of panty liners.  Tried them on and was amazed how good they feel and they also stayed in place too (with hand sewn snaps).  I am now determined to make real cool looking pads with legit materials.  Not only will they be very pretty, they will be functional.  Some material I have already ordered are some natural absorbent fleece, Zorb (material used for baby cloth diapers and is super absorbent), velour (soft plushy top that touches the skin), nerdy licensed cotton and flannel and PUL which is a waterproof material that makes the pad leak proof (anything is possible these days! they didnt have PUL back in the days).  Being a perfectionist, I must make some good quality cloth pads.  Not only for my own personal use but maybe list them on my etsy store.  I am excited and cant wait for all the materials to come in.  I might not be sewing any spandex cosplay costumes for a while, but making cloth pads, wet bags, baby items.. I am still leveling up on my sewing skills that way.  Its my way to take my mind off the stressful times (work or at home) and be in my own little sewing zone…. Here are some pics of the practice pads I have made.


For those interested… here it is a link to my etsy store-  I will post items on it once available.  Again, I want to only use the best materials cause I use it myself and if I am selling it they are going to be good quality as well.


DIY lace dress

So I have been drooling on all the girls who came to work with nice lace dresses, have been doing research online to find one that I like. Being such a cheap person, the ones I like cost too much, the cheap ones doesn’t really fit my taste. So finally I bought a real lace dress from a special deal online. I really liked it and decided to use this dress as a pattern to make my own lace dress but different colors. So far I have made one. More to come.


The image above is the real dress which I wore to work. The following shows some progress pics of me recreating the same dress using different color stretch lace










Now I’m going to make a black and a white but different style. But I do love the A line